Frequently Asked Questions

How can a student be admitted there?

Kilakala Secondary School. Our school is a girls government school, so it follows all government school procedures to enroll students. But only high performed students in NECTA examinations.

Is it a government or private?

Kilakala Secondary School. Our school is a girls government school; located in the city of Morogoro in Tanzania East Africa .It is one of the old school in the country enroll high performing girls across the country

Who can be transferred to Kilakala

We follow all Government process of transfer students. In-case we have room for enroll, we usually take students from another special schools not otherwise.

How much is the school fees

It is the Government school, the fee are equal as other government school, may be other direct cost may differ from other school, and this is only for advance level, for ordinary level its free(elimu bure).For more download our joining instructions in resources page.

When to visit student during school days

The only day we allow parents to visit students during class days is only in graduations and parents day and not otherwise. Incase of emergency we are open any time.

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