admission at kilakala

Kilakala secondary school is owned by Tanzanian Government under President's Office, Regional Administration And Local Government. It admit only high performed girls in NECTA examinations, as the Ministry select them to join the school. There are the following subjects


School has Commerce and Book-keeping studies for O-level studies. Student studies business form one up to form four as an option for those who wish.


As any school, we provide science studies as a core, about 95% of our students study science. In advance level we have PCB, PCM and CBG for science combinations.

Art & Language

We provide all other arts subjects as any Tanzania school, all students are required to study all arts subjects. The combination for arts we have HGL. We also teach French and Chinese languages.

Computer Studies

As technology advancing, we provide computer studies for students, from form one to form four. They also do NECTA exams on ICS.(Information and Computer Studies)

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