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Who We Are

We are Kilakala Secondary School. Our school is a girl’s government school; located in the city of Morogoro in Tanzania East Africa. It is one of the old school in the country enroll high performing girls across the country. It was started in 1957 by Roman Catholic sisters of Mary knoll from USA. It was known as Marian college. In 1970; the school was nationalized and the name changed to Kilakala secondary school with Registration Number S.045. The school has 600 students on its role. It is owned by Tanzanian Government under Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MoEVT). The school is situated at Kilakala Ward near the footage of Uluguru Mountain ranges. The school's motto is “Forward ever, Backward never”. Our School vision is “to attain a school with attractive and presentable environment which enable good performance for our students”. The greatest challenge has been to live up to our reputation that the school is the best not only because of the quality of the 'academics' provided but because of the environment we try to provide which nurtures individual talents and capabilities. Education is an enriching experience and we believe that text books alone cannot prepare the youth for the challenges of the 21st century but look beyond the curriculum to become young decision makers of tomorrow. To enhance this the students are provided with an opportunity to engage themselves into various extra-curriculum activities such as; art works like Designing, Music, sports and games, dancing, singing and public speaking. Apart from artistic works, students also run other activities like; self-reliance works such as gardening and there are subject clubs. This is done by organizing events and competitions at the school, city and national level. Our school became one of the winners in “Young Scientist competition”. Moreover, there are number prominent events planned every year, the school celebrates special days for sports and games, "Kilakala Sport’s Day” and subject’s clubs “Kilakala club’s Day”. Aiming a global presence and striving to give an environment where students can develop international skills and become global leaders, the school welcomes collaborations and associations with different schools from within the country and abroad. With English as the Global Link Language the school seeks to build up international relations.

Student will be expelled from school if and only if


  1. Use harsh or abusive language, to fight with either the teachers or her fellow students.
  2. Fight with her fellow student.
  3. Destroy intentionally public properties and other student’s properties.
  4. Get married.
  5. Sleep outside the school compound without the school administration permission and long absence at least 3 months.
  6. Conduct business, alcoholism and drug abuse.
  7. Get pregnant and conducting abortion.
  8. Enter in bars and clubs as well as guest house or any place that sells alcohol.
  9. Refuse, influence and to lead protests that cause insecurity and destruction of peace at school.
  10. Refuse to conduct examination and test.
  11. Commit theft
  12. Ignore the national flag.
  13. Commit Criminal offense.
  14. Stigmatize others
  15. Coming with mobile phones along with its accessories (charger, battery, voucher, headphones etc.)
  16. Commit Prostitution, raping, homosexuality.
  17. sleep in the dormitory during lessons and working hours

Contact Us

  • (+255)710-417-541
  • headmistress@kilakalasps.ac.tz
  • secondacademic@kilakalasps.ac.tz
  • secondadmnistration@kilakalasps.ac.tz
  • senioracademic@kilakalasps.ac.tz
  • info@kilakalasps.ac.tz
  • P.O.BOX 40 kilakala st, Morogoro (M)


Kilakala Secondary School is located five kilometers from the Morogoro main bus terminal, that is called Msamvu. Transport from the terminal to the school is available. The taxi fare from main bus terminal is between 5000/= to 8000/= Tanzanian shillings. The city buses are available from terminal to city center, they cost 400/= Tanzanian shillings and from city center to Kilakala Secondary School costs 400/= Tanzanian shillings..

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